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Bradley Smoker UI/UX

User interface design and Mobile App design for Bradley's Digital Smoker

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A well-designed UX/UI can enhance user satisfaction by creating a positive experience for the user. Users are more likely to continue using a product or service that they find easy and enjoyable to interact with.

As technology finds its way into our homes, the company that builds some of the best smokers on the market decided to up the anti by offering a full touch screen interface for their digitally controlled smoker.

When Bradley Smoker approached us to design the user interface for the touch screen controller of their new electric food smoker, we knew it would be a unique challenge. However, we were excited to work with such an innovative and forward-thinking company.

To begin, we researched the brand values of Bradley Smoker, their target audience, and the industry they were in. We wanted to create a user interface that not only functioned well but also aligned with the company's values and conveyed their advanced technology.

After multiple brainstorming and sketching sessions, we created several design options for the touch screen controller. We collaborated closely with Bradley Smoker's team, discussing each option, gathering feedback, and refining the designs further.

We came up with a user interface was user-friendly and provided a smooth experience for both novice and experienced users.

Following the successful design of the touch screen controller, Bradley Smoker assigned us the task of creating the UX and UI for the mobile app that would pair with the Bluetooth enabled smoker. Bradley gave us their needs and preferences of the app's target audience and the features that the app should include.

We prioritized easy-to-use navigation and incorporated features like animated graphics and clear icons to ensure that the app was user-friendly and provided a seamless experience and useful feedback for users.

After the final design was approved, the design files were sent to the APP developers for the final build. The result was an app that allowed users to control and monitor their smoker from their mobile device, providing a convenient and hassle-free ‘Smoking’ experience.

We were proud to have contributed to the success of Bradley Smoker's new product and had a great experience working with such a forward-thinking company.  Who doesn’t like smoked salmon!

Bradley Smoker UX-UI Design concept sketchesBradley Digital Smoker touch screen User Interface

Positive User Experience

A good UX/UI design can improve the usability of a product by making it easier for users to accomplish their tasks