Web Site Development

Trades Training

We designed this website with the goal of making it a breeze for students to discover information about the trades they are passionate about.

A website for the learning Trade Industry

This website was designed to make it easy for students to find information pertaining to the trades they are interested in.

Ravensfoot was approached by Resource Training Organization (RTO) to create a fresh, modern website geared towards the young, up-and-coming workforce interested in obtaining skills in the resource industries and trades careers. The challenge was to capture and maintain the attention of a younger audience, eager to find additional training in the trades sector, while ensuring easy navigation and visually appealing design.

To achieve this, Ravensfoot designed an immersive website that utilized RTO's branding and presented course information in an easy-to-navigate format. Additionally, Ravensfoot provided a back-end system that allowed the client to manage and update the website regularly.

As part of the project, Ravensfoot also offered a range of additional services, including custom photography, brochure design, advertising ads, and trade show displays.

Overall, the result was a successful collaboration that created a user-friendly website, visually appealing to the target audience, while enabling RTO to showcase its offerings and manage its online presence with ease.

  • Custom Website Development
  • Interactive Web Forms
  • Back-End Client Management
  • Custom Photography
  • Google Analytics
  • Video Implementation
  • SEO
  • Live Program Updates
  • Extensive Material Downloads
  • Log-in system for Students

Clean, Simple Design

Connecting skilled workers with a career in the trades

Ravensfoot has been working with RTO (Resource Training Organization) since 2009 and has continuously provided exceptional customer service. Ravensfoot initially designed and put together our www.tradesrock.com website which has received rave reviews over and over again. Ravensfoot has continued to maintain and change the website in order to keep up with constantly changing technology and new platforms. Ravensfoot has also created advertisements, brochures, pop up displays and other marketing promotional items for RTO. Every project has consistetly been completed with high quality, on time and within a reasonable budget. I highly recommend Ravensfoot.
- Michelle Skelly
Resource Training Organization